Industrial Maintenance


Like all mechanical systems, your insulation system is no different. Signs of corrosion, damage, distortion, or cracking could lead to much larger, and more expensive issues. It’s vital that your insulation and temperature control systems are properly maintained to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

The insulation provided for your plant, business, or any other type of establishment ensures that you’ll be at no risk of incident. Proper insulating technologies will immediately save you money on your energy bill and will inevitably end up paying for itself.

Energy Appraisal


Using 3E Plus software we can calculate you your thermal performance of both insulted and un-insulated piping ducts and equipment to translate your BTU losses into actual dollars, calculate greenhouse gas emissions, and identify key areas needing reductions.

We provide a thorough and accurate assessment of your energy usage and evaluate what is required of your insulation systems. Intech Insulation can perform a comprehensive Insulation Energy Appraisal to provide a detailed evaluation of your systems. With our help you can be confident in your facility’s ability to run efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to save you energy, and as a result – money.

Heat and Frost Insulation Service


Our mechanical insulation applied to large scale industrial and commercial facilities will involve heating systems, cooling systems, ductwork, piping, and refrigeration. With our consultation and services, you can expect to save energy, save money, lower your emissions, protect your personnel, and control moisture and condensation.

As an operator of your plant there is a shared consumption of over 70% of the country’s total energy. We understand that reducing your usage of energy, while also maintaining a return on your investment are your priorities. With the help of Intech Insulation, you can expect your ROI within 6-24 months, depending on your specific needs.